Biohacking and Achieving Your Best Health

The Design of the Mind and Body Part 2

Can we biohack our way back to health? If you haven’t heard about it, biohacking is the process of using technology, supplements, and other interventions to optimize health and longevity. There are a lot of different forms of biohacking. There are also a lot of different purposes to biohacking. It can be used to improve mental clarity, mood, and physical performance. It can also be implemented to improve the health of your cells, and expand both your lifespan and your healthspan.

I really enjoy studying biohacking. I find it fascinating. I’ve spent extensive time studying the various forms of biohacking, and how they might influence our health. I’ve helped many patients adapt some of these techniques to improve their health, and I’ve applied them to myself.

The foundation of health is based on honoring the design of your mind and your body.

However, you can’t biohack your way back to health if you’re not first making sure your body gets the correct information it needs. You cannot use shortcuts to achieve the health you’re seeking.

Biohacking includes:

  • Various dietary techniques

  • Supplements

  • Peptides and hormone replacement therapy

  • Stem cells

  • Sound wave therapy

  • Photobiomodulation

  • Infrared sauna

  • Red light therapy

  • Pulsed electromagnetic field generators

  • Many more devices and strategies that can help a person experience greater health

woman carrying child on her back in afternoon sunlight

None of these will do much for you if the information your body is receiving is wrong, or incomplete. Before we can use biohacking to enhance your experience of authentic health, we have to start with treating the body in accordance with its design. You can accelerate results with biohacking techniques, but you cannot recreate health if you’re not giving your body the information it needs to perform well.

You will always have to set the foundation first. The foundation of health is based on honoring the design of your mind and your body. That’s what we’ll start to talk about in the next post.

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