Dr. Gus Vickery is a licensed, practicing medical expert who recognizes the good health possible within you.

In our modern society, sometimes it can feel as though our doctor or clinician isn’t connecting with us on a one-to-one level anymore. Visits feel shorter. There are more forms to fill out instead of human conversations. And most of all, there is often a corporate wall between you and personalized healthcare: insurance companies and their stakeholders want to treat your symptoms, not you.

Dr. Vickery can help guide you on your own deeper, uniquely personalized journey to help you understand the root causes of your discomfort and illness, and make vital changes to heal and become healthy.

It’s all about the journey. 

“I believe everyone deserves full access to resources that will guide them to their best health.” — Dr. Gus Vickery


photo by Mike Belleme

photo by Mike Belleme

Dr. Gus Vickery is an author, speaker and the founder and directing physician of Vickery Family Medicine in Asheville, North Carolina.


He established his practice with a commitment to delivering holistic, compassionate, and evidence-based care. But when he realized that many of his patients were suffering from a complicated set of symptoms that were the result of underlying habits and could not be treated with conventional medical approaches, he set out to develop a comprehensive program for treating his patients’ ailments so that they could finally feel the good health and vitality that all of us deserve.

  • Board-certified family physician

  • Honor medical graduate from Medical College of Georgia

  • Founded Vickery Family Medicine in 2005

  • Founded Synergy Health Solutions in 2015

  • Currently teaches medical students and family medicine residents from UNC-Chapel Hill medical school and East Carolina University medical school

  • Past president of Western Carolina Medical Society (WCMS)

  • Past chairperson of Moving Healthcare Upstream, local Development Council initiative

Dr. Vickery founded Vickery Family Medicine in 2005 which has grown to 11 medical providers serving in 3 locations including The Clinic at Biltmore, an innovative direct to employer clinic for The Biltmore Company. Vickery Family Medicine has received numerous awards for customer service and quality.

In addition to practicing full time traditional family medicine, Dr. Vickery has spent countless hours studying cognitive behavioral science, motivational interviewing, neuroplasticity and brain training, meditation, biomechanical health and movement, nutrition, and the science of sleep. Dr. Vickery’s holistic health curriculum has been used very successfully by The Biltmore Company for their Healthsyles initiative, a health improvement program for their employees.

Dr. Vickery also studied health care delivery and founded Synergy Health Solutions, an innovative direct to consumer organization helping improve access and reduce cost while providing effective care.

He remains passionate and committed to doing whatever is necessary to advance the cause of equipping everyone with the resources needed to experience their best health.

When not attending to his professional responsibilities, Dr. Gus Vickery spends his time with his best friend and wife, Kelle, and their 3 children exploring the outdoor spaces of Asheville, North Carolina.

In all of my years as a patient of Dr. Vickery, I have always been treated with the upmost care from not just him, but the entire staff. As a patient in his Personalized Heath Program, I have learned so much in my path to wellness. The individual attention, extensive bloodwork, and research put forth on his behalf far exceeds that of any other medical professionals I have experienced. Dr. Vickery’s passion and knowledge in his field is undeniable, as well as his ability to effectively communicate ways to improve my overall health and wellbeing.
— Todd Campbell, Two Men and a Truck®

Changing Lives, One Audience at a Time…

Dr. Vickery speaks to small and large groups at conferences, retreats, workshops, health fairs, and private corporate wellness functions. Whether it’s an inspirational TED-style talk or a 45-minute keynote with Q&A, Dr. Vickery tailors each presentation to the specific audience.

He is also available to discuss his book, Authentic Health, with book clubs, gym groups, wellness center members—whether in person or virtually through Skype.

I had the honor of working with Dr. Vickery as a guest speaker at the 2018 GPM LTC Summit @ Biltmore, which I organized while serving as a marketing manager for GPM Corporation. He elegantly crafted a message that fit our conference needs and fully engaged the audience. Dr. Vickery successfully executed a passionate presentation that moved attendees. He further enhanced the conference by following up with questions and one on one interactions with guests. Attendees boasted that the conference was the best one the company had ever hosted.
— Maranda Johns

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